Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We are committed to sectoral leadership in the provision of ‘End to End’ Testing, and Commissioning and Services in the area of Power Sector..

Integrated Testing and commissioning services consists of the provision of multiple services, Annual maintenance Contract, pre-commissioning, Annual Testing Services, Refurbishment and Modernization services using the Advanced Testing Equipments.

Quality is a key business objective and integral to our Company’s success and vision of being the India’s greatest service organization. This is underpinned by anticipating and satisfying our internal and external customers’ needs and expectations and delivering service performance which facilitates our customer’s purpose through empowerment of our people.

We will achieve this through the following objectives:

  • 1 Complying with all applicable legislation and Complying statutory & regulatory requirements such as relevant industry standards, codes of practice, and customer requirements.
  • 2 Identifying and evaluating continuous improvement opportunities for the products and services we provide.
  • 3 Maintaining a documented Quality Management System which meets the requirements of ISO 9001.
  • 4 Ensuring involvement & Growth of employees at all levels
  • 5 Setting annual measurable objectives and targets for continuous improvement, including the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, reporting and reviewing performance, and providing sufficient resources to address implementation needs.
  • 6 Ensuring the Quality Policy is effectively, communicated, implemented and maintained.

Quality Objective

  • 1 Achieve minimum of 100% customer satisfaction
  • 2 Utilize site Manpower more efficiently to engage at site activities for more than 70% of total working hours individually and 85% cumulatively
  • 3 Maintain minimum of 80% in utilization of capital Equipments
  • 4 Achieve minimum 40% of Business in New Customer.
  • 5 Provide training to site employees as scheduled below
  • 6 100 Hrs – new and less than 01 Year Experienced.
  • 7 50 Hrs – More than 1 year and less than 5 years Experienced.
  • 8 10Hrs – More than 5 Years.

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