Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements

Project : 400 KV Bus Sectionalisation at NTPC - Ramagundam through AREVA - T & D Systems - Noida

We are glad to inform you about our association with Installation, Testing & Commissioning of prestigious pilot project of 400 KV Bus Sectionalisation Project (making 2 buses to 4 ) comprises the following:

  • 1 CVT's - 6 Nos. for Bifurcated bus - 3 & 4.
  • 2 Earth Switch - 2 Nos.
  • 3 Bus Bar Protection panel - PBDCB for the the bifurcated Bus 3 & 4.
  • 4 Modification of existing Bus bar Protection Scheme Viz. LBB / 96 / CT Inputs / Tripping of CB.
  • 5 Installation of Voltmeter, Frequency Meter, Voltage / Frequency Recorder, Indication Lamps, Fuse failure Relays in Dummy Panels.
  • 6 Cutting & Removal of Aluminium bus bar of 4' Dia. for both the Bus - 1 & 2 to create Bus - 3 & 4 during shutdown.
  • 7 Shifting of Jack Bus Connection - 2 Sets.
  • 8 Laying & Termination of LT Power & Control Cables.
  • 9 Earthing of Equipments.

This project will improve the flexibility and reliability of the system operation. We would like to highlight that the entire site execution done by us without involving AREVA - Pallavaram, Bangalore, Noida.

Sectionalisation of the bus is achieved by using the existing "Bus tie" circuit breaker of "one and half breaker" scheme without introducing new circuit breaker, isolator, CT's etc.

The above said works were executed in a live Switchyard with limited Shutdown and having a power flow of 3000 MW.

M/s. NTPC appreciated our efforts in executing the project with dedicated team of Engineers and Technicians without any events of LTI.

The entire modified system was put into operation on 06/11/07 at 11:30 hrs by Mr.S.C.Pandy, GM, NTPC - Ramagundm STPS.

4th Military World Games

Organizer for Supply and Maintenance of 6 MW Power for 4th Military World Games
We are glad to announce our participation as organizer for arranging enhanced Power Supply Requirements of 6 MW and maintaining the same for the 4th Military World Games - 2007 being held at Gachibowli Stadium, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India from 14th to 21st October 2007. This is the largest sporting event second to the Olympics.

Our Nature of job:

  • 1 Laying and termination of 30 Kilometers & 95 sq. mm. cable
  • 2 Installation of distribution boards
  • 3 Installation of change over switch
  • 4 Maintenance of Uninterrupted Power supply during opening & closing ceremony.
  • 5 We have deputed team of Engineers / Technicians consists of 20 members headed by our Director Mr.N.Srinivasan and all kinds of logistics support given by the Hyderabad Branch by our Director Mr.P.B.Rajendra Prasad for successful completion.
  • 6 Our efforts were appreciated by the Chairman - Organizing committee of the 4th Military World Games.
  • 7 The above game completed successfully without any power interruption with the help of our Engineers and Technicians.

PROJECTS – Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Protection Current Transformers and Busbar Protection Panels at CPCL, Manali through Areva T & D India Ltd.

We are glad to inform you about our Association with Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Protection Current Transformers in all existing feeders(100 Nos) of 6.6kv Switchgear Panels of Refinery 1 & 2 for Bus Bar Protection Scheme inclusion. This Project carried out in scheduled period with Limited Shutdown available through M/s. Areva and got appreciation from Client and Contractor.

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